In this practical workshop with live music, Jess Murray shares different creative approaches to improvisation and creative process that she has developed during her PhD practice research. In this session we introduce dramaturgy as a way of doing and thinking, and explore what it is like to think dramaturgically about our dance and music making when we improvise or choreograph. We explore the possibilities available when working live with dance and music and how to navigate these when generating ideas for original performance work.

Jess will lead you through a range of activities that explore collaboration, and develop your own performance ideas in a creative and supportive environment with others. Have fun with different creative tasks to get you thinking and experimenting, get some ideas to take back into the studio and enjoy being a part of a creative collaboration.

Jess Murray is known in the UK for her work as a tap dance performer, educator and tap jam host (Tap Rhythm Project, London Tap Jam, Tap Dance Festival UK). She is interested in the relationship between dance and music collaboration, improvised performance and dramaturgy and is currently undertaking a practice research Ph.D funded by Midland4Cities at De Montfort University exploring this. Jess works collaboratively with musicians to create original performance work such as Tap Rhythm Project, SoundMoves, and outdoor arts show Sound Catchers. Jess was lead choreographer for outdoor performance ‘tap dance and story-telling extravaganza’ Tappin’ In, for the Commonwealth Games and Birmingham International Dance Festival in 2022.


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