Through this Jazz Dance Collective practical workshop, led by Jreena Green, you will embody the journey of authentic jazz from the plantation rhythms of Juba/Giouba, through to Harlem in the 1920s right up to the present day. The forgotten history of jazz will be explored through the work of Marshall Stearns, and the Labanotation of authentic Jazz dance, contained in his book Jazz Dance: The Story of American Vernacular Dance


Jreena Green is 1 of 4 co-founding members of the Jazz Dance Collective, an educational hub for Tap Dance, Authentic Jazz, and UK Jazz. The Collective brings together the knowledge of Jazz, encompassing both its history and practice. These three disciplines of Jazz dance link its foundation and evolution, providing a coherent line to educate the future generation. Members of the Collective join together in projects, sharing space and discussion. The Collective works together to investigate and contribute to expanding the knowledge of Jazz using the wealth of information from its different aspects.


Jreena is a professional choreographer, dance teacher and ‘practical dance historian’. She has previously developed a module entitled ‘Charleston To Hip Hop’ that explores the links between current urban dance styles and African American dance styles from the 1920′s. Jreena has taught authentic jazz at many of the leading dance conservatoires including Rambert, Trinity Laban and Mountview and published several articles on jazz dance history in Britain. She is a co-founding member of the Jazz Dance Collective.


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