Network Sessions

Network Sessions

Jess Murray and other members of the steering group will host these informal but structured sessions that are FREE and open to all. You can connect with other people that are interested, or involved in doing research around tap dance.

Hear from researchers and practitioners about what they are working on and have learned through their projects. Learn about different approaches to learning in the field and pick up valuable tips and insights to help you pursue your own tap dance learning. A great opportunity to ask questions, swap tips for researching and developing projects, share information about resources and opportunities.

The next few sessions will explore what happens when we consider tap dance from certain perspectives such as Folk tradition, vernacular and pop culture, visual music… What does each of these viewpoints offer and what is the relationship between them?

**Next Session**

What happens when we consider tap dance from the perspective of a Folk tradition?

How can we apply this perspective to what we do as performers, educators, academic researchers, scholars and enthusiasts?

Sally Crawford-Shepherd will introduce this topic drawing on her own research experience before opening it up to a group discussion focussed on finding practical ways to apply ideas.

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