TDRN UK provides a space for researchers, artists, academics, and practitioners to share knowledge, information, and research around Tap Dance.

Our steering team is made up of nine individuals that are performers, educators, artists, academics, writers, producers and often many of these at once.

We want to reflect a broad understanding of what research in Tap Dance is, and can be by engaging with the public, Academia, the Arts sector and cultural industries. We do this through holding our own events, presenting at conferences and festivals, publishing our own material and sharing information and resources through our website and social media.

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Monthly Network Sessions hosted by the TDRN UK steering group. These informal but structured sessions that are FREE and open to all. Connect with other people that are interested, or involved in doing research around tap dance.

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Read our blog entries for previous sessions so you can see what we have been discussing and get some helpful resources around particular topics.

March 2021: Opening Session

April 2021: Tap Dance Folk Traditions

May 2021: Tap Dance and Vernacular Dance


Our Online Talk Series continues with a fantastic presentation, ‘Uncovering the influence of Harlem on dance in UK theatre in the 1930s’. Join us as we uncover how Harlem theatre reshaped British dance practices with Sean Mayes and Sarah Whitfield who are the authors of An Inconvenient Black History of British Musical Theatre 1900 – 1950.

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Join us at the Modes of Capture Symposium to learn more about our research areas and the work TDRN UK is doing to support and raise the profile of tap dance research.