We work to increase awareness of Tap Dance’s cultural background and historical contexts by locating and creating resources to share through our social media platforms and website. We are constantly expanding our sources of knowledge about Tap Dance including oral histories, archives and published material such as books and articles. We aim to highlighting ‘hidden histories’ of Tap Dance and Tap Dancers that are not currently incorporated into mainstream education. We aim to support the viability of Tap Dance as a professional area of creative practice and academic research by raising its profile in the UK Arts sector and Academia. For those wanting to know more about specific aspects of Tap Dance practices and histories, we can provide a starting point for accessing further research, resources, or connecting with other artists, researchers and educators globally. We work to raise awareness of the value of work being done by creative practitioners by upholding an approach to Tap Dance research that encompasses embodied, practice based approaches and scholarly approaches and encourages dialogue between them.